Peel Off Eyebrow Tattoo

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Easiest way to achieve the perfect eyebrows that will last for days 
The most revolutionary product that will give convenience to any woman who wears make-up & is still spending time filling in her eyebrows.

Using premium blends of ingredients, the Peel Off Eyebrow Tattoo provides no harm to the skin. 

Easy to apply and exciting to peel-off. It's 100% water and smudge-proof and proven to last up to 1 week. Save time and effort from perfecting your brows each day!

Have your eye brows ready anytime, giving you more time to focus on other tasks in your daily routine, such when going to work or school.


Water-proof & Smudge-proof - Provides a perfect smooth eyebrows that won't fade even you go swim or take a bath.

Natural Looking Eyebrows - It is specially made from premium materials to provide the most natural look that will blend with your skin.

Perfect Eye Brows - After a successful peeling of the tint, it will provide the most perfect shaped brows that will last up to 7 days