BlenderMAX Pro - Worlds Best On The Go Blender

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Are you tired of having to spend tons of money eating out? Or you just never seem to find the time to put together a meal? With the new BlenderMAX Pro, we make it possible to enjoy your juices on the go anytime & anywhere!

It's USB rechargeable so you can charge it at your desk, in the kitchen, or even in your car. Charge anywhere at your earliest convenience to save you time.

Six 3D blades to ensure precision and chop fruits and vegetables with use so you don't have to worry about large chunks in your smoothie. Even chop ice with ease!

Compact design makes it easy to bring with you everywhere you go and gives you the convenience to blend your drinks wherever you go. It's perfect for super moms on the go, campers, fitness enthusiasts, vegans, nutritionists and just about anyone who enjoys an healthy, delicious and natural refreshment.


Multi Function - Can be used to blend smoothies, protein shakes, health elixirs, or even grind coffee beans . All in one design makes it easy to blend anything.

Easy Clean - Easily separable from the main base so you can get in there and clean it really well and have it looking brand new in minutes. 

Lightweight - Anybody can carry the BlenderMAX Pro. Whether you're a bodybuilder or an elderly woman, we've designed this so anyone can prepare an amazing drink the right way!


  • Capacity: 380 mL