ComfortCloak™ - Multi-Use Baby Carrier

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Multi-Use Baby Carrier! A Mommy Must-Have!

A new option for parents, this baby carrier that can also be used as a blanket. The advanced design allows for both the carrier and the baby to stay warm while using. We noticed that often time we want to take such good care of our babies, that we neglect ourselves. This is designed to solve that problem.

The carrier includes front pockets for parents to place their hands while carrying their precious baby.

The carrier is also waterproof and has windproof technology in order to ensure the warmth of your precious child. 


Priceless Peace of Mind - Being able to use the carrier as both a carrier and as a snuggly blanket is cost effective, saving you money. Plus, not to mention the cost of having peace of mind that your baby is always warm and comfortable.

Protection from the environment - The carrier has waterproof as well as windproof material in order to protect babies from such hazards.

Enjoyable material - This multi-use material includes a snuggly warm flannel material. You might fall in love with it more than your baby!

Age Range: 0-3 years