Switch Light - Hand Wave Light Switch Sensor

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Wave Your Worries Goodbye With The Switch Light™

This sensor is simply a much easier, less stressful way to upgrade your home without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

The Hand wave technology allows you to not be forced to manually turn the light off every time you leave the room. Saving you money on the light bill and the headache of getting back up to cut the light off.

Functioning at a 12V DC voltage making it completely energy efficient and specifically crafted not to harm anyone in the house.

If you truly want to save energy on your expensive light bill, then this is the product for you. 


Easy to Install - Can be easily installed by using screws or sturdy double sided stickers onto the cabinet or wherever else you would like to place the sensor. The choice is yours!

Energy Efficient - Hand Wave Technology, characterized by low energy consumption with long service life and minimal energy waste.

100% Safe to Use - 12V DC voltage lighting is completely safe to touch without being at risk of any injuries or burns, making it safer for your home and your loved ones.