LED Tire Lamp - Flashing Wheel for Bicycles

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This LED Tire lamp can be used on a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mountain bikes and many more. Simply connect it to valve hole and go! It flashes light as you tighten it, making it a great lighting decoration at night. Personalize your favourite method of transportation while increasing visibility during the nigh and during bad weather for enhanced safety. The LED lights will turn on while the vehicle is moving and turn off when vehicle is stopped.

Installation Instructions

  • Easy to install and replace 
  • Just tighten the valve to turn on the blue light


  • Power Source: Uses Three AG10 button cells each.
  • Material: Aluminum and Plastic
  • Colours: Red, White, Green, Blue
  • Dimensions: 58 cm long x 20 cm (Head Diameter) x 0.5 cm(Valve cap inside diameter)
  • Package includes: 2 LED Tire Lamps

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to high demand