Love Explosion Box

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Life In A Box Has Never Been So Joyful!

Give your loved ones the ultimate gift this year with the Love Explosion Box. The gift guaranteed to give you an explosion of joy.

Capture all of your greatest moments including anniversaries, birthdays, or family celebrations for a lifetime.

Comes with over 27 customize-able templates inside so you can add a sprinkle of your creativity to the gift for your loved ones.

Unique, pre-made fall apart design with paper pockets to ensure your photo's don't fall out.

If you're truly creative and have a knack for creating gifts, then this is the product for you.


Great Gift Idea - Perfect for DIYers and anyone who likes arts and crafts. You can place photos inside, as well as small gifts such as watches, rings, or even a necklace inside of this perfect dream box.

Handmade - Built-in more than 20 different compartments to write and record happy memories with your loved ones. Celebrate the moments you can share over and over again.

Highly Customizable - Easy to use templates with stickers and accessories to help you make the ultimate gift with your own personal touch to it.