Magnetic Curtain Buckle (2 Pack)

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An Easy Way to Have Your Curtains Open and Add Beauty to Your Room!

Tired of having to find something to hold back your curtains? Annoyed that you can't get them to look presentable?

This product will greatly improve the look of your home! It's simple design adds a beautiful tieback detail to your curtains.

By simply bunching your curtains together and placing the curtain buckle on each side, you can change the look to your room & let the natural light in or out, whenever you want. You're in control!


Easy to Use - The magnets in the braided curtain holder allows for you to be able to easily take them on and off. No tools required!

Elegant European Look - By allowing the curtains to be tied-back, the magnetic curtain buckle give any room a makeover! 

Fits all curtain styles - The braided and round design of the magnetic curtain buckle allows for it to tie-back all sizes and styles of curtains.