PerfectWing™ - Eyeliner Stencil Kit - 10 Pack

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Get The Perfect Eyeliner Look Today! 

Sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle getting ready and can be a bit time consuming when it comes to getting your eyeliner on perfectly. No worries... The PerfectWing™ kit not only lets you get the perfect look, it also lets you do it in half the time.

Its unique design allows you to simply line, trace and repeat, allowing you to get better results with minimal effort. No more crooked lines and constant do overs

Easy to clean and made with flexible materials, so you can use it over and over again without breaking it. 


Easy To Use - Making it a breeze for you to get ready without using a magnifying mirror every time to get pin point perfect lines. Just simply follow the lines, trace them over and voila!!! Sharp looking eyeliner done in minutes, every time!

Use With Any Eye Shadow/Gel - With the eyeliner stencil kit, you can use any type of eyeliner, eyeshadow or eye gel. This gives you the versatility of being able to enhance your makeup each day.

Time Saver - Since the PerfectWing™ is made with flexible materials and can work with all types of eye shadows, it is guaranteed to save you time. Instead of struggling to make both eye makeup match, you can rest assured the eyeliner stencil kit makes you perfect both.