SafePack™ Anti Theft Backpack - Built in Safe, Charging Station & More

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Keep Your Belongings Safe & Protected 

Convenient - Easy Access to all of your items with our hidden compartments on the shoulder and on the front of the bag. Making it easier for you to get a hold of your most important items without searching your bag for hours and hours. Extremely travel friendly and makes for a great gift

Multi-Functional - This bag isn't limited to just travel. With the SafePack™, you can enjoy the outdoors, go to work in peace, and even make a fashion statement! There's no limit to what you can do with this bag

Optimal Storage - The SafePack™ makes packing a breeze! Thanks to the multiple storage units, you can fit many things such as laptops, kindles, and camera equipment with ease. Your next vacation will thank you. Not to mention the safe cash & card compartments for easy access to your money wherever you go.

Anti Theft - The SafePack™ has a built in safe, so you can lock all of your important belongings at all times. Those evil pickpockets will never get anything from you ever again.


  • Capacity: 36 - 55 Litres
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Main Material: Nylon