Top Torch™ - Multifunction Flexible Magnetic Flashlight

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The best traits of the top flashlight all in one. Don't be left in the dark with an obsolete flashlight!


The Top Torch™ is the ultimate flashlight for anyone's needs. Whether you are a handyman or just doing some DIY around the house, this is the flashlight for you!

Extremely Durable - Strong and sturdy design to ensure long lasting use. Water resistant and completely shock proof. 

Can Reach Anywhere - The standard flashlight can't always do the job. The Top Torch can reach anywhere you need at any time! Don't be left stranded when your flashlight lets you down. 

Powerful Beam - Powered by three extremely strong LEDs to ensure that the job gets done. 

Magnetic Tip - Lose a bolt or screw in a hard to reach place? The Top Torch is here for you! Use the magnetic tip to easily reach down through any bend to retrieve the items you need. 


  • Waterproof
  • LED lights
  • Telescopic Pick Up Tool
  • Magnetic Head Torch
  • 4 x Button Batteries (Included)

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF! Discount Applied at Checkout!

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